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Hello!  I'm Leslie Allen.

I empower professional moms to rise and leverage their courage and resilience to construct a bold future for themselves and their children.

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I challenge the status quo and inspire people to live their ordinary life in an extraordinary way.

I've been here too...

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  • Are you constantly striving to have it all - the career, the home, the partner, the kids, the friends - but are you struggling inside?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to balance everything?

  • Do you have a mental list constantly running through your mind of everything that needs to be done?

  • Do you long to return home after work feeling energized and vibrant, only to be met with chaos & stress?

  • Do you find yourself lying awake at night, consumed by guilt and shame for being unable to do it all?

  • Does your current reality feel disconnected from your dreams, leaving you yearning for a different way?

  • Do you know deep inside that something needs to change, but you're unsure what the right decision is?

Imagine instead...

  • You've let go of trying to find "work-life balance" and embrace "being present" in every aspect of your life.

  • You make choices based on what you value and what is important to you.

  • You no longer second-guess your decisions.

  • You have effective tools that you can rely on to help you move beyond barriers that get in your way.

  • You are confident in knowing what to say yes to and what to say no to.

  • You have a clear direction that you are steering towards.

  • You radiate with energy and peace.

  • Your life is fulfilling in all its aspects.

  • You have supportive, healthy relationships.

  • You experience abundant joy and gratitude even though your life is full.


I am a daughter, sister, mother and friend. I am a mother of four, yet only 3 walk the earth. I was a stay-at-home mom, I am now a working mom. I have been married, divorced, remarried, then a widow. I have now found the love of my life. I have aging parents and children still at home. I am a student, and I am a teacher.


I have had many roles.  I have had many transitions.​


I bring all of this and more to my work in serving others.


Lets Work Together

I believe living with ease and flow and gracefully welcoming each day is achievable. I have created a program that guides people in creating a sustainable system that steers them toward their aspirational selves rather than simply setting goals. In my view, life isn't about making sacrifices.  It's about creating a daily practice of choosing that moves you toward what truly matters all while letting go of obstacles and barriers we put in our way.  

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. Your goal is your desired outcome. Your system is the collection of daily habits that will get you there."  James Clear, Atomic Habits

The Art of Choosing Program

This program is designed to guide you toward becoming the person you aspire to be and are in the process of becoming.

We are the cumulative sum of our choices. My role is to guide individuals in mastering the art of choosing. I designed this program to support individuals in establishing a comprehensive decision-making system for their lives.

The Program Steps:

  1. We begin by identifying what is deeply important to you and knowing what you stand for. 

  2. Then, we focus on defining your "reason why," a statement that represents your aspiration (who you are becoming)

  3. After that, we introduce an effective reframing tool for changing internal negative narratives that impede you.

  4. Lastly, we establish a daily decision-making framework to help you align your actions with your desired identity and goals.

What people are saying....

She was incredibly warm and welcoming and complementary. Leslie picked up on a lot of things without me being necessarily explicit about them. She talked me through the process and gave me a lot of agency of how to move forward with the coaching process, so I'm very excited!

coaching client

If you are looking for support, encouragement, clarity... the will to live a daring life, that takes you to the edge of your seat and gives you everything you dream of, then fasten up your spiritual seat belt and take a chance on Leslie. More importantly, take a chance on yourself. Really, if not now, when?

- Des
coaching client

I really felt like Leslie asked the right questions and listened to my answers to get at an actionable plan. It had not occurred to me how aspects of my life outside work might be affecting my satisfaction at work. I feel like she gave me a great plan for getting started in this kick-off session.

- Laura group coaching client

We're a great match. She is SO welcoming and friendly. She has amazing nuggets of wisdom, quotes and exercises. I am so excited for Leslie to be my coach.

coaching client

Leslie seems to take a wholistic approach to coaching, I enjoy that it's going to be interactive and there will be takeaways to continue our work. Looking forward to this process.

- Christina
coaching client

Start Your Journey

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to learn how you can start making confident decisions

and I will share with you...

some tools you can use right away to start creating the change you yearn for

and how to start making new choices!

Together we will begin to clarify who you aspire to be

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