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Attempting to get through significant life transitions on our own can often be frustrating and unsuccessful. As a transition coach, I help clients find their way through emotionally intense times, navigate difficult detours and delays, and adopt better tools to move beyond “just muddling through” to creating a path to an intentional life. 

I myself have had a number of transitions. What has held me through it all is finding special people along the way, the ones that seem beyond a teacher or mentor.  They are the ones that SEE ME.  They challenge me in ways I yearn to be challenged.  They hold space in a way that is so safe I expose my underbelly.  They hold me while I cry and laugh with me as we face the joy of being human, together. ​

My quest is to offer this same space, energy and time to others.  My approach helps people navigate change, gain deeper insight, grow competency in transition skills, and build resilience. 

I am a daughter, sister, mother, granddaughter, colleague, and friend.  I am a mother of four, yet only 3 walk the earth. I was a stay at home mom, I am now a working mom.  I have been married, divorced, remarried and, am now a widow.  I have aging parents and children still at home.  I am a student, I am a teacher.  I have had many roles.  I have had many transitions.


I bring all of this and more to my work in serving others. 



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What I Specialize In


The Journey Begins with the first step.  LaunchYour Journey Today.

Leslie provides a healthy progression of ideas and personal accountability, while also being able to witness the growth of others.

-Shannon, group coaching client

If you are looking for support, encouragement, clarity... the will to live a daring life, that takes you to the edge of your seat and gives you everything you dream of, then fasten up your spiritual seat belt and take a chance on Leslie. More importantly, take a chance on yourself. Really, if not now, when?

- Des, coaching client

Leslie created such a safe space for our group that empowered me to be vulnerable and have some breakthrough insights.  Honestly, it is hard to express in words how powerful the coaching program was.

- Kari, group coaching client

If not now, when?


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