Hi I'm Leslie....

Experienced. Compassionate. Supportive.

I have been in the arena of human development for over 20 years.  I, like everyone else, have experienced significant life transitions, my most recent being the death of my husband Don who, after a 6 year journey with cancer, died at only age 56.   This experience opened me up to the wisdom that living with cancer and ultimately death brings.  It has helped me discover what matters most. 

My intent is to serve people to live in the present.  I do not "fix" as I don't see people as broken.  I do not "help" as I see people as whole and capable. I hold space and invite people to walk life’s edge, for the edge is where fear and courage meet.  I support people in creating inner shifts  -shifts from fear to acceptance; anger to love; attachment to impermanence; and scarcity to being enough.  


I have a BA in Psychology and Women Studies, I am a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Mediator, Professional Facilitator and Speaker.


I live with my three children in Calgary who are shifting from the world of teenagers to adults.  It is a wondrous time to be alive!