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Aging and End-of-Life Conversations


I provide a space for families to have purposeful conversations

and work together to make decisions and plans on aging and end-of-life matters.



The goal of Aging and End-of-Life planning is to help individuals and families create a documented path forward on what is important to them as they age.


I work with people to create a plan that:

  • Reflects who they are. 

  • Incorporates what is essential in the various stages of aging, illness and dying. 

  • Ensures critical documents are completed. ​



Through mediation and coaching, I provide a space for family decision-making around aging and end-of-life.

Discussions include:

  • Family communication

  • Family members’ roles and responsibilities

  • Caregiver burnout

  • Residence decisions

  • Financial decisions

  • Health and safety decisions

  • Mobility decision

  • Medical decisions

  • End of Life decision-making

  • Planning and anticipating issues before crises develop 



Having an ill loved one or an aging parent, although rewarding, can be challenging and sometimes exhaustive.   It can be a difficult balance between having to make critical decisions while trying to support their independence.


I work with people to provide:

  • Caregiver support

  • One-on-One coaching for siblings, parents, adult children, spouses and others involved. 

  • Communication support

  • Conflict coaching

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