Daring Dialogues

"For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one."

-Kahlil Gibran

The fear that exists around death often inhibits us from talking about it.  What I have learned is that by embracing death's wisdom we tap into a rich resource to guide us on how we live, and die.  I invite you to join me in talking about death and what scares us so we can figure out what brings us to life!

Virtual Death Over Dinner

Virtual Death Over Dinner is a conversation that encourages people to talk about death and dying in a safe, safe, positive, non-judgmental environment.  Doing this together helps us to gain the skill and courage to have this dialogue with our friends and family at home rather than in the intensive care unit when it’s too late.


It is not a morbid conversation, but a very human one, where we consider what we want, both in life and during its close. 


Let's talk about it - so we can lean into any fears we might have, get rid of inhibitions, and build deeper connections. 


This is a free offering and I hope you will join my next Online Event

Virtual Open Death Conversations

This is a chance to have a more expansive conversation on death.  We spend more time together pondering the wisdom and mystery of end-of-life. 


These are smaller, more intimate groups so that the conversation may dive deeper.


What if from this space we designed our lives intentionally with the end in mind? 


There is a nominal fee for this offering and I hope you will join my next Online Event


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