Have You Had The "Talk"?

Do you find it difficult to talk about aging and end-of-life matters?

Are your end-of-life affairs in order?

Is there conflict within your family that inhibits you from having the "talk"?

Talking about end-of-life can be challenging...

It's time to shift our families and culture to start talking about aging and dying. It's critical we communicate with our families how we want to live at the end of our lives and what kind of care we want and don't want.

I believe that this conversation needs to happen more than once, and long before a critical life event occurs.  Leaving it until the last minute is a ridiculous gamble. 

In gathering those that are important to us with the right intentions and skills, we can make these difficult conversations easier. It ensures our wishes, and those of our loved ones are both expressed and respected.

The gifts in having the conversation...
Having a conversation about aging and end-of-life matters allows you to alleviate the fears and anxiety of those left behind. It is a legacy that extends well beyond your assets.

The Gift of Time. There is considerable work that follows when someone becomes ill or dies.  If this time is filled with unnecessary searching and sorting rather than providing space for healing and grieving, it can be difficult. 

The Gift of Clarity. Peace of mind comes when families understand what is important for each other, not only at the end of life but in the present. This goes far beyond what is in your will or personal directive. 

The Gift of Security. Clear decisions made far in advance is critical. Things like guardianship and financial support for your children, deciding where you will live in the "event of"; procuring appropriate insurance policies, or ensuring assets have assigned beneficiaries are just some of the things that need consideration.

Start the conversation...
If you don't know where to start, I can help. I offer guidance and resources to help individuals and families talk about your and their wishes.

1. Participate in my online workshops ​

  • "How to structure a family conversation." (coming soon)

  • "How to communicate effectively". (coming soon)​

2. Hire me to host a family conversation for you. This Includes individual pre-meeting calls for each family member, online resources and professionally facilitated family meeting(s) either in person or virtually

3. Hire me to coach you one-on-one on how to host a family conversation. 

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