Family Conversations

Do you find it difficult to talk about aging and end-of-life?

Is there conflict within your family that inhibits you from having the "talk"?

50% of Canadians have never talked to family or friends about what they want if they become ill and can no longer speak for themselves. People avoid this because they don't want to think about death and dying, or they believe they are too young to talk about death and or they don't want to upset their loved ones.


The risk in not have this conversation is far too significant, COVID 19 has taught us that. Many are afraid of suffering at the end-of-life, and we risk suffering even more if our wishes are not understood. This conversation process invites the consideration of important questions about death, aging, illness, loss, and life. Preparing ourselves and those we care about helps to ensure we live and die aligned with what is essential for us.  


I guide people in these conversations. In my experience, with the right intention, skills and process, these seemingly difficult conversations can be more comfortable. It ensures our wishes, and those of our loved ones are both expressed and respected.

Who this is for?

This is for those who:

  • are thinking ahead and want to have everything in order

  • have aging parent(s) 

  • have children

  • are living with illness or know someone who is

  • anyone over the age of 18

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