What Makes You Feel Alive?

Wouldn't you love it if you could figure out what you truly want in life?

What if you designed your life intentionally with the end in mind?

Here is what we will do together...

  • We will discover what impermanence opens you up to.

  • We will uncover the barriers that get in your way.

  • We will tap into your inner wisdom and identify practices that will guide you toward your truthful life.


This is for the bold and the brave who are ready to walk life's edge where fear and courage meet. 


This work challenges you to courageously step into the arena of life looking at all of it from beginning to end, creating a present and future where you feel truly alive.

Make contact...

To learn more about individual and group coaching.


Imagine living life from a profoundly resonant space where you are clear on who you want to be and what you want to do. You greet each day with practices that align with your truth and deepen your experience of being human. You make choices and decisions with clear discernment and your life feels like it is in "flow".

Where you are now...

You have tried everything to get here, the books, the courses, the psychic readings. Something is missing and there a sense of being "lost".  Nothing seems to change.


You're not looking for enlightenment, you're yearning for a life worth living. If you are tired of setting goals that never get met, writing affirmations that feel meaningless, trying to be positive when feeling frustrated, using sheer willpower to move through your days, I invite you to consider a new approach.


What I learned...

My life's journey has been full of change and transition. Impermanence has been an ever-present theme. In encountering my husband's cancer and his death, I finally uncovered the path to a truthful life. What I realized is that we don't have to wait for a diagnosis or death to understand this. Had I tapped into this wisdom earlier in my life, had I used the knowledge that impermanence and death offer sooner, I would have traveled a different road.  

Begin with the end in mind...

I designed a coaching program - Begin with the End in Mind, so that you don't need to experience a devastating event. This coaching journey helps you create an inner compass directing you toward your true north, allowing you to make decisions that lead to a life of clarity, truth, and resonance. 

to your truth

the path


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