Conversations that Matter

As a conversation host, Leslie assists individuals and families in having critical and sometimes difficult conversations.  She believes in an inquiry based approach and considers this as the most effective catalysts for change. The intention of her work is to: 


  • challenge people through powerful questions; 

  • facilitate greater understanding; 

  • host a safe space for new ideas to emerge;  

  • inspire new possibilities; 

  • and to create forward movement.  

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Family Conversations:

Aging Parents

For those who have aging parents, there can be challenging dynamics to navigate.  Facilitated family meetings help with the array of decisions that need to be made such as: living arrangements; caregiving responsibilities; safety and health concerns; wills & estates; end-of life-decisions; property; and more.  Having a neutral third party host these conversations can help expedite the decision process while preserving family relationships, and, in many cases improving them.   

Life Transitions

Whether it be divorce, a change in employment, or the the birth of a child, there is always endings and new beginnings.  With this comes an array of emotions grief, loss, happiness, joy etc.  Having support through the navigation of life's transitions can help smooth the journey. 

End-of-Life Conversations

People are often afraid to talk about death but what if we embraced death to help us to uncover the path to a truthful life?  These conversations on death are facilitated in circle to create a safe space that encourages ideas and perspectives to emerge.  In having the the courage to step into a dialogue about death, we open up to its wisdom and can use it to help design our lives in the present.   

What convseration is calling you?

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